New reading (and writing) resolution


I’ve been reading quite a bit lately (my Goodreads 2014 Challenge even says I am 3 books ahead of schedule), and I’ve read several books that I thought were really great. I’m definitely not in a reading rut, but for several months I’ve been having a really hard time writing anything about the books I have read. This is a problem because I really want to take advantage of the opportunities I have to share good books with other readers and to promote the great collection at my library. So, my new resolution is to write something, even if it is very short, about everything I read. I’m going to use my (long languishing) blog instead of because I am reluctant to provide Amazon with free content. Plus, I don’t really care if no one really sees it, since it is more an exercise for myself than anything else.

I’m going to start with the books I’ve ready very recently, so hopefully there will be several posts up about those soon.


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